Why You Should Never Upload A Full Resume To Your Linkedin Profile

I guess you might be wondering why I’m saying this, since most people get their job offers via LinkedIn. Well, here are 3 reasons I say this.

1. For security reason
Your resume is a document that contains a lot of Personal Identifiable Information(PII).
This information may range from your home address, your contact information, date of birth etc.
You may not want just anyone to have access to your contact or to even know your age

2. Main purpose of the social medium(LinkedIn)
The purpose of your LinkedIn profile is to help job recruiters find you and message you. Then, they follow up with asking about your resume.

3. In other not to confuse recruiters
Building a solid resume is a work in progress, hence it needs regular updates. You would not want to confuse your recruiter by being inconsistent with the information on your LinkedIn

Now, we’ve covered 3 reasons you should not upload your resume to LinkedIn.
I guess you might be wondering what to do instead. Well, I’ve got you covered.

1. Update your LinkedIn profile at least every three months to cover all the new experiences and skills you’ve gained.

2. Be very detailed when writing in the “Experience” section. You can bullet them to make each of them stand out.

3.Remember to treat your LinkedIn profile as your resume. So make sure it’s strong enough to speak for you to potential recruiters.

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