LinkedIn Marketing Solutions Fundamentals Certification Answers 2023

LinkedIn Marketing Solutions Fundamentals Certification

This certification exam tests your knowledge in creating an ad campaign using LinkedIn’s targeting, measuring and analyzing your campaign’s performance, and optimizing your advertising goals.

Question 1:
Which of the following is a best practice to save time while setting up targeting for new campaigns?
 Use targeting templates to pre-save and reuse audiences
Forecast results based on your targeting criteria
Make a checklist template with your preferred targeting criteria

Question 2:
Is your bid price always the price that you pay?
 No, because of LinkedIn’s second-price auction method
Yes, but only if I win the auction

Question 3:
Which ad format would you primarily use if you wanted to tell an interactive story?
Dynamic Ad
Text Ad
 Carousel Ad

Question 4:
What are the three things you need to do to succeed in your auctions? Select all that apply.
Ensure a consistent Conversion Rate
 Bid enough to be competitive
 Strive for relevant and engaging content
 Optimize to achieve and maintain a high Click-Through Rate

Question 5:
Which ad format would you use if you wanted to include multiple unique call-to-action buttons that act like a choose-your-own-path experience?
Single Ad
Message Ad
Carousel Ad
 Conversation Ad

Question 6:
Ally is checking her Website Demographics and identifies certain visitors who left the product page without making a purchase. What could she do to drive customers down the funnel?
Create a Brand Awareness campaign to give them more information about her products
 Use Website Retargeting to remind them to purchase when they log into LinkedIn
Use Conversion Tracking to motivate them to purchase

Question 7:
Matthias is running an ad campaign to encourage customers to try his product. Which of the following is the clearest call to action?
 Request Demo
See More
Read More
Click Here

Question 8:
Why do we recommend your campaigns have at least 4 to 5 different creatives?
To target different audiences to different creatives
 To minimize content fatigue
To be able to select a different bidding model on each one

Question 9:
Sofia wants to find new audiences that have similar attributes to her existing customers. Which targeting method would she use?
 Lookalike Audiences
Audience Attributes

Question 10:
When setting up a conversion action, are you able to modify the conversion window?

Question 11:
Can you exclude people that studied at a certain university from your campaign?

Question 12:
Which campaign objective should you choose from Campaign Manager if your objective is Engagement?

Question 13:
Peter wants to target the buying committee of a select group of companies. Which step should he take?
 Combine a target company list and leverage Job Function and Job Seniority too
Combine an email contact list with targeting attributes, such as Company Industry
Select Member Interests in addition to Job Function

Question 14:
What can a Creative Manager role do in Campaign Manager?
Create new campaigns and add new creatives
View the reports related to certain creatives
Manage billing information for its related creatives
 Edit and add new creatives but cannot create new campaigns

Question 15:
Tomas is running a follower ad campaign. Which metric should he primarily focus on to determine the campaign’s success?
 Cost Per Result
Average CTR
Average CPM

Question 16:
LinkedIn ads allows you to reach the largest global community of professionals.

Question 17:
Which sentence best describes Campaign Manager?
 It is LinkedIn’s ad management tool to create, launch, and evaluate the performance of your LinkedIn ad campaigns
It is LinkedIn’s tool to check campaign performance in addition to Campaign Creator, LinkedIn’s tool to create campaigns
It is LinkedIn’s tool to create ad campaigns and engage with different audiences

Question 18:
Which of the following is a targeting option? Select all that apply.
 Member Skills
 Company Connections
 Your Company Followers
 Company Growth Rate
 Member Groups

Question 19:
Can you exclude a contact list from your campaign with Matched Audiences?

Question 20:
Which targeting categories can you use when choosing your audience attributes in Campaign Manager? Select all that apply.

Question 21:
Why is it important to choose the right objective in Campaign Manager?
Because your campaign objective determines your targeting options
Because your campaign objective guarantees your performance
 Because your objective determines your campaign settings and how LinkedIn optimizes it to ensure success

Question 22:
At a minimum, how often should you evaluate your campaigns?

Question 23:
Which of the following targeting actions can you not do with LinkedIn Campaign Manager?
Upload lists of contacts
 Target members by household income
Target specific companies
Retarget website visitors

Question 24:
In addition to language and location, how many layers of targeting attributes does LinkedIn recommend you include when setting up your campaign?
 No more than 2 to 3
No more than 7 to 8
No more than 4 to 5
There is no such recommendation regarding targeting attributes

Question 25:
Which targeting tools can you use to reach more similar audiences? Select all that apply.
 Lookalike Audiences
 Audience Expansion

Question 26:
Would you win an auction if you are the highest bidder?
No, the highest bidder never wins
 It depends, creative relevancy matters
Yes, the highest bidder always wins

Question 27:
Nicole has a campaign targeting HR professionals, which is seeing a lower conversion rate than previous campaigns she has run. Using Campaign Demographics, she notices that her conversions are all coming from members at companies with more than 500 employees. What should Nicole do next?
 Narrow her current campaign targeting to include HR employees at companies with more than 500 employees
Stop her campaign
Create a website audience

Question 28:
Why is it not recommended to use age or gender as targeting attributes?
Because they are not interesting professional traits for LinkedIn audiences
Because these attributes cannot be tracked on Campaign Demographics
 Because they are inferred and can reduce your audience size by potentially 50% or more

Question 29:
What is the definition of Reach in campaign reporting?
 The unique number of people exposed to at least one impression
The number of opens for the ads divided by the number of sends
The amount of clicks in your campaign divided by the number of impressions
The average number of impressions served to each unique user

Question 30:
How frequently should you post on your LinkedIn Page to see a 2x lift in engagement with your content?
Every other week
Twice a month

Question 31:
Which feature in the Campaign Manager reporting dashboard would you use if you want to visualize how your campaigns are performing over time?
 Performance Chart
Website Demographics
Campaign Groups
Campaign Demographics

Question 32:
Raquel is looking to use her current audience to reach more people. What could she do?
Increase daily budget
Use the Manual Bid option
 Enable Audience Expansion
Set more competitive bids

Question 33:
Alessandra won an auction where her bid price was $25, and the second highest price was $24. How much will she pay?

Question 34:
Louise is running an ad campaign that is not reaching its budget. What changes can she make? Select four.
 Use the Maximum delivery (Automated) bidding option
Use the Manual Bid option
Increase the daily budget
 Enable Audience Expansion
 Set more competitive bids
 Use the LinkedIn Audience Network

Question 35:
Which feature in Campaign Manager allows you to reach professional audiences on trusted third-party apps and sites outside of the LinkedIn platform?
Matched Audiences
 LinkedIn Audience Network
Audience Expansion
Lookalike Audiences

Question 36:
Is it recommended to always build custom content for a LinkedIn ad?
Yes, new content is always recommended to get the maximum impact on your campaign
 No, you can also repurpose existing content, such as social posts or customer case studies

Question 37:
Juan is launching his first ad campaign on LinkedIn. Based on LinkedIn’s recommendation, how long should he let the ads run before making optimizations?
There is no minimum recommended time before optimizing
A couple of days
Two months
 At least a week

Question 38:
Tunde is running a Brand Awareness Campaign to reach buyers who are not yet familiar with her brand. Which targeting option should she use for this campaign objective? Select all that apply.
 Audience Attributes
Website Retargeting
Lead Gen Retargeting
 Lookalike Audiences

Question 39:
Which of the following billing options doesn’t require a minimum spend?
 Credit Card
Monthly Invoicing
Insertion Order

Question 40:
Frederico is launching a new product line and wants to drive awareness. Which metrics are key to measuring performance? Select all that apply.

Question 41:
What is the difference between using AND or OR targeting?
Targeting using AND works with any attribute, while targeting using OR doesn’t work with interests
 Targeting using AND narrows your results, while targeting using OR widens them
Targeting using AND widens your results, while targeting using OR narrows them
Targeting using OR is not recommended when Audience Expansion is enabled

Question 42:
Jimmy wants to see the type of professionals who are seeing and engaging with his ads. Where does he find this information?
Website Demographics
 Campaign Demographics
Matched Audiences

Question 43:
What is the perfect mix of brand awareness and conversion campaigns?
None of the above
 It will vary depending on your brand and industry

Question 44:
Paola has installed the Insight Tag and created different website audiences for her key website pages. Now, she wants to find new possible customers with similar profiles to her website visitors based on what she sees in Website Demographics. Which targeting method would she use?
Account Targeting
 Audience Attributes

Question 45:
Isabelle is not getting many matches from her business emails. What could she do?
Wait 24 hours for the system to process the external data
 Target the company instead of the individual and layer on extra attributes to narrow her audience
Make sure she’s also targeting by company name in addition to uploading her contact list

Question 46:
Judi wants to serve ads to professionals who have visited her website. What is her first step?
 Install the Insight Tag on her website
Create a website audience
Create a conversion action
Create a campaign

Question 47:
What do you need prior to creating a lookalike audience in Campaign Manager?
The Audience Expansion feature activated
 A contact list or website audience
A live campaign running for 60 days

Question 48:
Can you customize the columns of your Campaign Manager reporting dashboard?

Question 49:
When setting up targeting, it’s recommended that you use Job Seniority and Years of Experience instead of age.

Question 50:
Xavier wants to optimize his Website Conversions campaign to generate more conversions at a more efficient cost. Which of the metrics should he primarily focus on?
 Cost Per Conversion
Cost Per Click

Question 51:
Which ad format would you use if you wanted to deliver a direct personalized message?
 Message Ad
Video Ad
Single Image Ad

Question 52:
Priyanka selected Brand Awareness as her objective in the Campaign Manager. Which ad types could she select to use? Select all that apply.
 Video Ad
 Carousel Image Ad
 Conversation Ad
 Single Image Ad

Question 53:
How is Maximum Delivery (Automated) Bid determined?
It prioritizes certain ads over others based on the ad formats used
 It optimizes the budget to focus on the campaign objective selected
It allows you to bid on a CPC basis

Question 54:
Which of the following is a mandatory targeting field within audience setup in Campaign Manager?
Company Size
Audience Expansion
Job Title

Question 55:
Victor is running a Conversion campaign. Which targeting options are recommended to reach his objective? Select all that apply.
 Website Retargeting
 Lookalike Audiences
 Uploaded List
Interest Targeting

Question 56:
There is a minimum spend to qualify for Monthly Invoicing.

Question 57:
Which demographics in the Campaign Manager reporting dashboard would help you better understand your site’s audience and reach your ideal prospects?
Campaign Demographics
 Website Demographics

Question 58:
LinkedIn Pages is a free way to establish your brand on LinkedIn.

Question 59:
Ciara wants to see which types of professionals are visiting her website. Where does she find this information?
Campaign Demographics
Matched Audiences
 Website Demographics

Question 60:
Which filter would you select in Campaign Manager reporting dashboard if you want to rapidly see all your Single Image campaigns?

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