How To Protect Your Accounts From Getting Hacked

In recent times, the way hackers or should I say Script Kiddies are hacking people’s social media, mails and other accounts is very alarming. My friend suffered from this attack recently and this moved me to write this blog on how to secure our accounts. Hope you enjoy it .

1. Use a Strong Password: Don’t use a weak password or a password which can easily be guessed or which is easy to get cracked. Create a password which contains Number, capital and small letters and some unique alphabets.

2. Turn on Two-Factor Authentication: To turn on two-factor authentication in Instagram, head to your Settings and tap “Two-Factor Authentication. Tap “Get Started”, and you’ll have two options : “Authentication App (recommended)” and “Text Message”. Go with the TEXT MESSAGE always, because its quite a faster way to authenticate.

3. Make Sure Your Email Account Is Secure: Just think about it, your Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and other account is linked to your email account. If someone has access to one, they have access to all. Scary stuff right. So with this in mind, it’s a good idea to secure your email with two-factor authentication or email encryption.

4. Beware Of Phishing Links: You should be very aware of the links you are going to open or click. Make sure that those links are not phishing links. If it is asking for your account email id and password for no good reason then go back immediately and never open that link again.

5. Make sure End-To-End Encryption(E2EE) is turned on in the apps you use since sometimes it is turned off by default.

Is there anything I missed? You can add it to the comments and upon review, I’ll add it to the post and tag you 🙂

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