How to become a Microsoft Learn Student Ambassador?

Microsoft Learn Student Ambassadors

Young engineers who are passionate about technology and wish to encourage their peers by organizing events, directing seminars, and creating blogs and instructional videos are the target audience for the Microsoft Learn Student Ambassadors program. By bringing together students from all around the world, this incredible program fulfills Microsoft’s mission of “Empowering individuals and organizations all over the planet to achieve more.”

Eligibility criteria

To apply for the program: You must:

  1. be age 16 years or older at the time of application.
  2. be enrolled full-time in an accredited academic institution.
  3. be an individual person (not a corporate entity).
  4. not a Microsoft employee or current contractor.

You must fulfill these conditions in order to apply. Although this program is best suited for students who offer Computer Science or Information Technology programs, individuals from various academic backgrounds are invited to apply. If you’re interested in advancing your tech knowledge and career, you should apply because you’ll have access to a wealth of tools that will enable you to go from zero to hero.

What are the benefits of being a part of the Microsoft Learn Student Ambassadors program?

  • Microsoft Products(Microsoft Office, Visual Studio Enterprise…)
  • Free domain name
  • Access to Microsoft Learn Student Ambassadors Summit
  • Techsmith products eg. Camtasia, snagit.
  • LinkedIn Learning
  • Swag box
  • Opportunity to organize and conducts events

Program Milestones

During the onboarding process, new student ambassadors have access to the wonderful network of student ambassadors on Microsoft Teams. Yes, Microsoft Teams is where the community of student ambassadors is located, as are we, as ambassadors. You will have free access to Techsmith’s Snagit and Camtasia screen recording tools after completing the onboarding process.

Alpha – To advance to the Alpha Milestone, you need to complete a Learning Path on Microsoft Learn. Upon reaching this milestone, you will receive Azure credits, a free LinkedIn Learning Voucher, a free Microsoft Technical Certification voucher, and many more.

Beta – You must host an event showcasing Microsoft Technologies to skill your community. After that, you will report your event to let Microsoft know what you have done. Upon reaching this Milestone you will receive Swags from Microsoft which include cool program branded goodies.

After all, what is the importance of being in this program without anything to show that you are a member? Once you’re Beta, you continue to skill yourself on Microsoft learn, hosting more events and engaging your community.

Gold – Once you have done what is expected of you and have served your local community and have been an active participant in the program. You will be advanced to the Gold Milestone. This Milestone is the ambition of many student ambassadors. You will eligible for Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) mentoring and also have a potential for a Microsoft MVP nomination.

MLSA Benefits Screenshot (90).png 

Do you want to become a Microsoft Learn Student Ambassador?

Why are you holding out? Simply apply. All year long, the application form is accessible, and choices are rendered every three months. The deadline for the October cohort was August 31. Consequently, the subsequent cohort will start in January 2023. As a result, if you want to apply for the January cohort, the deadline is November 30.

You can apply for this program via this link: Apply here

Below are the main steps to follow and my guidelines to help out when applying.

STEP 1: Go to Click on “Apply now” and log in with your Microsoft Account.

homepage of mlsa 2022-09-07_09-43-17.png

Step 2: Once you are logged in, read all the privacy and terms of service, and confirm your eligibility.

Once you confirm, you will be introduced to a Personal Info section, fill in all the details carefully.

STEP 3: Once you have filled in the personal information, you will be introduced to the academic information section, fill it out and make sure to input the expected date of graduation.

Step 4: Application questions are the most important part of the application process. You are to answer three questions but answer one with a video. I advise that you take time to read and understand the questions before answering. The section is divided into three (3) parts.

  • Welcome
  • Guide
  • Connect

Tips to answer the Application Questions

  1. Pick a technical concept and explain how you will teach it to your peers. I advised you to pick something you’re familiar with and the explanation will come with ease.
  2. It’s an application question, so write your answers in MS Word and edit any grammatical errors, I advised you to try out Grammarly or install it as an Add-in in Microsoft Word. After that copy and paste it into the input field. This includes the scripting of the answer you’ll give to the video question.
  3. Your video must be strictly 2 minutes and make sure to stick to it. You will be required a link to your video destination. Upload your video to cloud storage, for example, OneDrive. And make sure to make the URL accessible by Clicking on the sharing link and changing the permission option to “Anyone with the link can View”.
  4. Make sure to give genuine and honest answers, your answers must not be ordinary. It must be new and not what everyone will be saying.
  5. Tell them how you will plan and host an event in your school and how you will make your colleagues attend the event. Are you going to involve your department or even use social media in your promotions? It all depends on you, show them how you’ll accomplish that.

STEP 5: Then comes the social media section, where you can include the links of all the social media platforms you use, as mentioned in the fields.

Make sure to include the link to the blog or YouTube tutorial videos you have done. Make use to sell yourself as a good candidate as possible by not missing any slight chance.

Step 6: Mention the technologies you’re interested in. Don’t leave the Additional Information empty.

Tell Microsoft about your extracurricular activities. Show them your skills. Additionally, describe your qualifications for the program and how it will advance your professional development.

Finally, check that all of the application’s mandatory fields are filled out; otherwise, the submit button will be grayed out. You’ll get an email confirmation after submitting the form.

I sincerely hope that this blog post will be useful to you as you pursue being a microsoft learn student ambassador. If you have any questions, you might want to consider leaving a comment.

I will advise you to apply as soon as possible. If you are refused once or twice, don’t quit up. You are permitted to reapply, so don’t give up.

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