Day 24: Cyber Careers – Who or What is an Incident Responder ?

An incident responder is a person who develops plans, policies, and procedures for handling security breaches. Incident responders are often under a great deal of pressure to detect, report, and respond to attacks in real-time, as they are taking place. Incident response time is measured by the MTTD, MTTA, and MTTR – the time it takes to detect, report, and recover from attacks. Incident responders are tasked with protecting the company’s information, reputation, and financial stability from cyber attacks. Incident response succeeds in a rapid and effective response, preserving the firm’s reputation, and avoiding negative consequences.

An incident responder must protect and improve corporate security by preventing and mitigating security risks. They monitor, evaluate, test, and analyze systems to identify and repair security vulnerabilities. Incident responders frequently create security plans, policies, and training programs to prepare the firm to respond swiftly and efficiently to cyber risks. In addition to responding to threats, incident responders must assess and respond to incidents by investigating intrusion detection, auditing security, and assessing risk. Network forensic technology, reverse engineering, and penetration testing may be utilized to address security problems. Incident responders also create reports for management and law enforcement. Incident responders are employed to safeguard company funds and reputations. The CSIRT (computer incident response team) is a common organization.

The job of incident responder requires two to three years of prior computer forensics or information security experience. The system, network, and security administrator positions can provide valuable experience for this profession.

Responsibilities of an Incident responders

  • Having a detailed, actionable incident response plan is crucial in developing and adopting thorough security best practices. 
  • After incidents, post-incident reporting and preparing for future attacks by considering learnings and adaptations are two crucial aspects of incident response.

What is the Salary of an Incident responder?

The $87,810 annual average salary for incident responders cited by Payscale data from May 2022 is shown in the figure.

What are the Skills Needed as Incident responders

  • Encompassing Java, PHP, C++, C, C#, and ASM in archiving and backup, he is fluent in major programming languages. 
  • Familiar with Linux, UNIX, and Windows operating systems, as well as computer operating systems in general. 
  • Knowledge of the basics of internet-based application security. Capable of making choices in high-pressure situations. 
  • Ready to make necessary changes in emergencies. 
  • Excellent problem-solving skills. 
  • Must be a logical, rational thinker who is also an excellent communicator.

Closing Thoughts

The incident response manager is a key player who facilitates the process of incident response. 

This includes defining the scope, conducting the assessment, establishing priorities, coordinating activities, and managing the team. 

The incident response manager is part of the CSIRT and is assigned to the company to detect and handle potential attacks. Their job is to ensure the safety of the company’s information, reputation, and financial stability by protecting the company from cyber-attacks. 

The manager should have experience in both organizational security incident response and computer forensics. Furthermore, they should be tasked with creating an actionable incident response plan and be able to follow it accordingly to its completion. 

You will also need to have a good understanding of the company’s security and operations, as well as be able to create an incident response plan that is tailored to fit the company’s requirements. Finally, you need to be able to execute the plan and complete technical tasks as well as daily operations.

Hope you enjoyed this blog post on the Incident responders’ career. Well, that will be all for the Day 24 post. Catch you in the next post 😁


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