Day 16: Burp Suite – A Tool for Testing Web Applications Vulnerabilities

Burp Suite – A Tool for Testing Web Applications Vulnerabilities

When it comes to tools mostly used in web applications penetration testing, there are a lot. But two popular tools stand out. That is Portswigger’s burp suite and OWASP Zap.

In today’s blog, we will first look at the famous burp suite and the function of the various tabs we have and in subsequent blog post, look at owasp zap.

What is Burp suite Used for? 

Burp Suite is a framework for web applications penetration testing built on Java. Information security specialists now use it as the industry standard tool set. You may verify attack paths and find vulnerabilities in online apps with the aid of Burp Suite.

For Windows, macOS, and Linux, there are all available versions of Burp Suite. For the software to function properly, the host computer must have Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 1.7 or later (64-bit edition).

Only the penetration testing tools are included in the free plan, which is the lowest level. The buttons that activate the premium tools are disabled for users of the Community Edition, the free edition. The Professional Edition and the Enterprise Edition are the names of Burp Suite’s two paid versions. These both include a vulnerability scanner that automates testing. In addition, the penetration testing tools that are in the Community Edition are also available in the two paid versions.

Is Using Burp Suite Illegal?

The simplest answer I can give is No, if only you’re using it against systems you have permission to scan.

How much does Burp Suite cost?
  1. The Community Edition of Burp Suite is free.
  2. Each installation of the Professional Edition necessitates a separate purchase because it is provided with single-user licenses. The cost is calculated based on subscriptions:
  • 1 year: $399
  • 2 years: $798
  • 3 years: $1,197

3. Starter, Grow, and Accelerate are the three versions of the Enterprise Edition that are offered. The features are the same for all three plans, but the number of scanning agents varies. The following are the prices:

  • Starter: 5 scanning agents — $6,995 per year
  • Grow: 20 scanning agents — $14,480 per year
  • Accelerate: 50+ scanning agents — $29,450

The Purposes of some of the Different Tabs on the User Interface?

  • The intercepting proxy in Burp Suite enables the user to view and change the contents of requests and answers while they are being transmitted. It also lets the user send the request/response under monitoring to another relevant tool in Burp Suite.
  • The intruder is a fuzzer. Through an input point, a collection of values are run using this method. The output is evaluated for success/failure and content length once the values have been run. An anomaly typically causes a change in the response code or response content length. For its payload slot, BurpSuite supports brute-force, dictionary files, and single values. Brute-force assaults on password forms, pin forms, and other forms of this nature are conducted using the intruder. Dictionary attacks on password fields on forms are thought to make them susceptible to XSS or SQL injection. A user can send requests repeatedly with manual adjustments using a repeater. It is utilized for: 
  1. Confirming that the data provided by the user are being verified
  2. If user-supplied values are being verified, how well is it being done?
  • The web server’s generated tokens are checked for randomness by the sequencer, an entropy checker. These tokens, like cookies and anti-CSRF tokens, are typically used for authentication in sensitive processes.
  • The common encoding techniques are listed by Decoder and include URL, HTML, Base64, Hex, etc. When searching for data chunks in the values of parameters or headers, this tool is useful. Construction of the payload for various vulnerability classes also uses it. It is employed to find the most common instances of IDOR and session hijacking.
  • A visual comparison of application data fragments is performed using the comparer to uncover intriguing discrepancies.

So maybe you are wondering which edition of the burp suite to go for, especially between the free community version and the paid professional one. Well, I have got you covered.

Burp Suite Free Edition(Community Edition) VS Burp Suite Professional

Everything you need in order to do manual security testing of web apps is included in Burp Suite Free Edition (also known as Community Edition). Using the intercepting Proxy, you can: 

  • Examine and alter traffic between the browser and the target application.
  • Utilize the application-aware Spider to crawl the functionality and content of applications.
  • Use the Repeater tool to edit and send specific requests again.
  • Take advantage of several other useful tools for examining and decoding application data.
Burp Suite community Interface
Burp Suite community Interface

Burp Suite Professional has a ton of strong features that will help you work more efficiently and quickly while allowing you to identify additional vulnerabilities. You can: 

  • Use the cutting-edge online application Scanner to automatically check for security issues.
  • Identify and take advantage of complicated and uncommon vulnerabilities while using the Intruder tool to launch strong, specialized assaults.
  • Save your Burp session and resume working later.
  • Benefit from numerous high-value features, including search, target analysis, content discovery, and task scheduling.
  • Receive frequent product updates and earlier access to new releases.
Burp Suite Professional Interface

There’s more on burp suite I couldn’t talk of here. You can visit their website to read more. Tryhackme and Hackthebox have nice rooms to better help you utilize this tool. Hope this overview of the burp suite was exciting. In the next blog post, I will focus on owasp zap, which is a bit similar to burp suite, and look at the exciting features it also has.

This will be all for the Day 16 post. Kindly let me know in the comments section if you enjoyed this. 



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