5 Reasons You Need To Quit Using Free VPNS

Virtual Private Network (VPN) helps users shield their online activities from prying eyes. As this use of a paid VPN is helpful, there are some negative side to using free VPN. Let’s explore these in this blog.

1. Compromising Your Security : There are some VPNs that actually contain Malicious Software (malware) and most of the malware is related to advertisement. Free VPNs rely on advertising in other to generate revenue. This is also why a VPN that limits your data is less likely to be dangerous than one that offers a free product.

2. Tracking Your Online Activity : A study conducted found out that 72% of free VPNs embed third-party trackers in their software, which basically tracks your online activity. Many well-known free providers contain third party tracking software.

3. Limiting the Amount of Data You Can Use : Some of the most popular free VPNs limit the amount of data you can use. They do this in other to attract you, then push you into upgrading to a paid plan out of sheer frustration .

4. Slowing Down Your Internet : Your internet slowing down is an issue you’ll face often with poor quality VPNs . However, your VPN deliberately slowing you down is particularly frustrating. Free VPNs also slow down your internet speeds by displaying ads and by selling your bandwidth .

5. ADS : The reason for this approach is simple. Since their users aren’t paying them monthly subscriptions in other to use their services, free VPNs need another way to make money off them. Not only are ads annoying, they can also slow down your internet speeds or contain malware which can track your online activities.

With these points on the negative side of using free VPNs said, I guess you are wondering “when it is appropriate to use free VPNs”.

Let’s hit the road with when it’s appropriate to use these free VPN services.

  1. Using a public Wi-Fi : When using a public Wi-Fi for your normal researching and browsing purposes, using a free VPN is the best choice, since it’ll help make you anonymous on the Wi-Fi network you’re on.
  2. Streaming Videos or Movies: If you’re streaming a movie on Netflix or even YouTube, using a free VPN service is appropriate, since it can help you evade tracking by some of these online services.

If you want to check your mails or even bank account details online on a Wi-Fi or even your home network, using a paid version of a VPN service is the best idea, but before you choose any VPN service research about them.(The next blog will consider what you should look out for when paying for a VPN service).

I hope you’ve come to know when to use a free VPN and a paid VPN. If you liked this blog post, consider subscribing and following for more contents.

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